Performance · 2021

Schelter is a new and unusual performance inspired by the rhythms of musical scores in which music and dance create speed, initiate body movement and flight and tell an epic saga about the history of Belgrade, a city torn between constant destruction and construction. Then we build a shelter from within whose task is to enable us to open up to the world despite its contradictions, to reach silence amidst the urban bustle and drama of life. During the process, we analyse the category of decay, dissolution of even those structures that we thought were eternal, moments during which we realise that only our body is our temple, the authors say.


Choreography: Cristophe Beranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours/SINE QUA NON ART
Performers: Sonja Stojanović, Katarina Bućić, Tijana Ostojić, Jovana Grujić, Katarina Ilijašević, Bisera Dimčeva, Natalija Trifunuović, Angela Mihova
Production: Belgrade Dance Institute
Sponsors and suport: Institut française de Serbie, Teatroskop, Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia, BITEF Theatre, BELEF Festival
Video: Dragana Udovičić
Photo Credits: Aleksandar Milošević, Dragana Udovičić


Premiered on 29th of June 2021 at BITEF Theatre in frame of the Belgrade Summer Festival in Belgrade, Serbia

Guest performance at Zagreb Dance Center(Zagrepački Plesni Centar) in November 2021 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Guest performance at Hiša Kulture Celje in November 2021 in Celje, Slovenia.

Michael Aufreiter

Hi, I'm Sonja Stojanović. Glad that you are checking out my projects.

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