In our dream

Choreography · Performance · 2021
In our dream

We move through dreams as we move through
curtain walls of remembered glances.
races of the familiar
threading through a web of fleeting landscapes,
ever changing, morphing, expanding.
until the horizon of the unknown
meets its counterpart again.

„In Our Dream“ is an exploration, a play, a fragmentation of dreamstates within and through the  collective unconscious and its archetypes. It merges performance and installation to let the audience  become part of an immersive journey, moving through four different sections, ever deeper into hidden  inner worlds and collective dream narratives.

„nights through dreams, tell the myths forgotten by the day.“ - c.g. Jung


Concept: Sonja Stojanović, Kristina Feldhammer
Choreographer: Sonja Stojanović
Composer and sound design: Ljubomir Nikolić
Photos,video and visual design: Kristina Feldhammer
Performers: Sonja Stojanović, Kristina Feldhammer
Light design: Zdenko Medvedj
Production: Art Ritam
Supported by: City of Novi Sad, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, Student Cultural Center Novi Sad

Premiered on the 18th of October 2021 at the opening of the theatre festival “UPAD“ in the organisation of Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad in Novi Sad, Serbia.


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